Jeremiah 45

  1 H1697 The message H3414 that Jeremiah H5030 the prophet H1696 spoke H1263 to Baruch H1121 the son H5374 of Neriah, H3789 when he wrote H1697 these words H5612 in a book H6310 at the mouth H3414 of Jeremiah, H7243 in the fourth H8141 year H3079 of Jehoiakim H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah, H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H559 saying,
  2 H559 Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H1263 to you, Baruch:
  3 H559 You said, H188 Woe H3068 is me now! for Yahweh H3254 has added H3015 sorrow H4341 to my pain; H3021 I am weary H585 with my groaning, H4672 and I find H4496 no rest.
  4 H559 You shall tell H559 him, Thus says H3068 Yahweh: H1129 Behold, that which I have built H2040 will I break down, H5193 and that which I have planted H5428 I will pluck up; H776 and this in the whole land.
  5 H1245 Do you seek H1419 great things H1245 for yourself? Don't seek H935 them; for, behold, I will bring H7451 evil H1320 on all flesh, H5002 says H3068 Yahweh; H5315 but your life H5414 will I give H7998 to you for a prey H4725 in all places H3212 where you go.