1 H1697 The words H3414 of Jeremiah H1121 the son H2518 of Hilkiah, H3548 of the priests H6068 who were in Anathoth H776 in the land H1144 of Benjamin:
  2 H1697 to whom the word H3068 of Yahweh H3117 came in the days H2977 of Josiah H1121 the son H526 of Amon, H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H7969 in the thirteenth H8141 year H4427 of his reign.
  3 H3117 It came also in the days H3079 of Jehoiakim H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah, H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H8552 to the end H6249 of the eleventh H8141 year H6667 of Zedekiah, H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah, H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H1540 to the carrying away H3389 of Jerusalem H1540 captive H2549 in the fifth H2320 month.
  4 H1697 Now the word H3068 of Yahweh H559 came to me, saying,
  5 H2962 "Before H3335 I formed H990 you in the belly, H3045 I knew H3318 you. Before you came forth H7358 out of the womb, H6942 I sanctified H5414 you. I have appointed H5030 you a prophet H1471 to the nations."
  6 H559 Then I said, H162 "Ah, H136 Lord H3069 Yahweh! H3045 Behold, I don't H1696 know how to speak; H5288 for I am a child."
  7 H3068 But Yahweh H559 said H559 to me, "Don't say, H5288 ‘I am a child;' H7971 for to whoever I shall send H3212 you, you shall go, H6680 and whatever I shall command H1696 you, you shall speak.
  8 H3372 Don't be afraid H6440 because of them; H5337 for I am with you to deliver H5002 you," says H3068 Yahweh.
  9 H3068 Then Yahweh H7971 put forth H3027 his hand, H5060 and touched H6310 my mouth; H3068 and Yahweh H559 said H5414 to me, "Behold, I have put H1697 my words H6310 in your mouth.
  10 H7200 Behold, H3117 I have this day H6485 set H1471 you over the nations H4467 and over the kingdoms, H5428 to pluck up H5422 and to break down H6 and to destroy H2040 and to overthrow, H1129 to build H5193 and to plant."
  11 H1697 Moreover the word H3068 of Yahweh H559 came to me, saying, H3414 "Jeremiah, H7200 what do you see?" H559 I said, H7200 "I see H4731 a branch H8247 of an almond tree."
  12 H3068 Then Yahweh H559 said H7200 to me, "You have seen H3190 well; H8245 for I watch H1697 over my word H6213 to perform it."
  13 H1697 The word H3068 of Yahweh H8145 came to me the second time, H559 saying, H7200 "What do you see?" H559 I said, H7200 "I see H5301 a boiling H5518 caldron; H6440 and it is tipping H6440 away from H6828 the north."
  14 H3068 Then Yahweh H559 said H6828 to me, "Out of the north H7451 evil H6605 will break out H3427 on all the inhabitants H776 of the land.
  15 H7121 For, behold, I will call H4940 all the families H4467 of the kingdoms H6828 of the north," H5002 says H3068 Yahweh; H935 "and they shall come, H376 and they shall each H5414 set H3678 his throne H6607 at the entrance H8179 of the gates H3389 of Jerusalem, H2346 and against all its walls H5439 all around, H5892 and against all the cities H3063 of Judah.
  16 H1696 I will utter H4941 my judgments H5921 against them touching H7451 all their wickedness, H5800 in that they have forsaken H6999 me, and have burned incense H312 to other H430 gods, H7812 and worshiped H4639 the works H3027 of their own hands.
  17 H247 "You therefore put H4975 your belt on your waist, H6965 arise, H1696 and speak H6680 to them all that I command H2865 you. Don't be dismayed H6440 at them, H2865 lest I dismay H6440 you before them.
  18 H589 For, behold, I H5414 have made H3117 you this day H4013 a fortified H5892 city, H1270 and an iron H5982 pillar, H5178 and bronze H2346 walls, H776 against the whole land, H4428 against the kings H3063 of Judah, H8269 against its princes, H3548 against its priests, H5971 and against the people H776 of the land.
  19 H3898 They will fight H3201 against you; but they will not prevail H5002 against you; for I am with you," says H3068 Yahweh, H5337 "to deliver you."