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Daniel 9:24-27

  24 H7657 Seventy H7620 weeks H2852 [H8738] are determined H5971 upon thy people H6944 and upon thy holy H5892 city, H3607 [H8763] to finish H6588 the revolt, H8552 H2856 [H8687] and to make an end H2403 of sins, H3722 [H8763] and to make reconciliation H5771 for perversity, H935 [H8687] and to bring in H5769 everlasting H6664 righteousness, H2856 [H8800] and to seal up H2377 the vision H5030 and prophecy, H4886 [H8800] and to anoint H6944 the most H6944 Holy.
  25 H3045 [H8799] Know H7919 [H8686] therefore and understand, H4161 that from the going forth H1697 of the commandment H7725 [H8687] to restore H1129 [H8800] and to build H3389 Jerusalem H4899 to the Messiah H5057 the Prince H7651 shall be seven H7620 weeks, H8346 and sixty H8147 and two H7620 weeks: H7339 the street H1129 [H8738] shall be built H7725 [H8799] again, H2742 and the wall, H6695 even in troublous H6256 times.
  26 H310 And after H8346 sixty H8147 and two H7620 weeks H4899 shall Messiah H3772 [H8735] be cut off, H5971 but not for himself: and the people H5057 of the prince H935 [H8802] that shall come H7843 [H8686] shall decay H5892 the city H6944 and the sanctuary; H7093 and its end H7858 shall be with a flood, H7093 and to the end H4421 of the war H8074 [H8802] desolations H2782 [H8737] are determined.
  27 H1396 [H8689] And he shall confirm H1285 the covenant H7227 with many H259 for one H7620 week: H2677 and in the midst H7620 of the week H2077 he shall cause the sacrifice H4503 and the oblation H7673 [H8686] to cease, H3671 and for the overspreading H8251 of abominations H8074 [H8789] he shall make it desolate, H3617 even until the consummation, H2782 [H8737] and that determined H5413 [H8799] shall be poured H8074 [H8802] upon the desolate.

Daniel 11:1-45

  1 H259 Also I in the first H8141 year H1867 of Darius H4075 the Mede, H5977 even I, stood H2388 [H8688] to confirm H4581 and to strengthen him.
  2 H5046 [H8686] And now will I show H571 thee the truth. H5975 [H8802] Behold, there shall stand up H7969 yet three H4428 kings H6539 in Persia; H7243 and the fourth H6239 shall be far H6238 [H8686] richer H1419 than they all: H2393 and by his strength H6239 through his riches H5782 [H8686] he shall stir up H4438 all against the realm H3120 of Greece.
  3 H1368 And a mighty H4428 king H5975 [H8804] shall stand up, H4910 [H8804] that shall rule H7227 with great H4474 dominion, H6213 [H8804] and do H7522 according to his will.
  4 H5975 [H8800] And when he shall stand up, H4438 his kingdom H7665 [H8735] shall be broken, H2673 [H8735] and shall be divided H702 toward the four H7307 winds H8064 of heaven; H319 and not to his posterity, H4915 nor according to his dominion H4910 [H8804] which he ruled: H4438 for his kingdom H5428 [H8735] shall be plucked up, H312 even for others beside those.
  5 H4428 And the king H5045 of the south H2388 [H8799] shall be strong, H8269 and one of his princes; H2388 [H8799] and he shall be strong H4910 [H8804] above him, and have dominion; H4475 his dominion H7227 shall be a great H4474 dominion.
  6 H7093 And in the end H8141 of years H2266 [H8691] they shall join themselves together; H4428 for the king's H1323 daughter H5045 of the south H935 [H8799] shall come H4428 to the king H6828 of the north H6213 [H8800] to make H4339 a straight agreement: H6113 [H8799] but she shall not retain H3581 the power H2220 of the arm; H5975 [H8799] neither shall he stand, H2220 nor his arm: H5414 [H8735] but she shall be given up, H935 [H8688] and they that brought H3205 [H8802] her, and he that begat H2388 [H8688] her, and he that strengthened H6256 her in these times.
  7 H5342 But out of a branch H8328 of her roots H5975 [H8804] shall one stand up H3653 in his estate, H935 [H8799] who shall come H2428 with an army, H935 [H8799] and shall enter H4581 into the fortress H4428 of the king H6828 of the north, H6213 [H8804] and shall deal H2388 [H8689] against them, and shall prevail:
  8 H935 [H8686] And shall also carry H7628 captives H4714 into Egypt H430 their gods, H5257 with their princes, H2532 and with their precious H3627 vessels H3701 of silver H2091 and of gold; H5975 [H8799] and he shall continue H8141 more years H4428 than the king H6828 of the north.
  9 H4428 So the king H5045 of the south H935 [H8804] shall come H4438 into his kingdom, H7725 [H8804] and shall return H127 into his own soil.
  10 H1121 But his sons H1624 [H8691] shall be stirred up, H622 [H8804] and shall assemble H1995 a multitude H7227 of great H2428 forces: H935 [H8800] and one shall certainly H935 [H8804] come, H7857 [H8804] and overflow, H5674 [H8804] and pass through: H7725 [H8799] then shall he return, H1624 [H8691] and be stirred up, H4581 even to his fortress.
  11 H4428 And the king H5045 of the south H4843 [H8698] shall be moved with anger, H3318 [H8804] and shall come forth H3898 [H8738] and fight H4428 with him, even with the king H6828 of the north: H5975 [H8689] and he shall set forth H7227 a great H1995 multitude; H1995 but the multitude H5414 [H8738] shall be given H3027 into his hand.
  12 H5375 [H8738] And when he hath taken away H1995 the multitude, H3824 his heart H7311 H7311 [H8804] shall be lifted up; H5307 [H8689] and he shall cast down H7239 many ten thousands: H5810 [H8799] but he shall not be strengthened by it.
  13 H4428 For the king H6828 of the north H7725 [H8804] shall return, H5975 [H8689] and shall set forth H1995 a multitude H7227 greater H7223 than the former, H935 [H8800] and shall certainly H935 [H8799] come H7093 after H6256 certain H8141 years H1419 with a great H2428 army H7227 and with much H7399 riches.
  14 H6256 And in those times H7227 there shall many H5975 [H8799] stand up H4428 against the king H5045 of the south: H1121 H6530 also the robbers H5971 of thy people H5375 [H8691] shall exalt H5975 [H8687] themselves to establish H2377 the vision; H3782 [H8738] but they shall fall.
  15 H4428 So the king H6828 of the north H935 [H8799] shall come, H8210 [H8799] and cast up H5550 a bank, H3920 [H8804] and take H4013 the most fortified H5892 cities: H2220 and the arms H5045 of the south H5975 [H8799] shall not withstand, H4005 neither his chosen H5971 people, H3581 neither shall there be any strength H5975 [H8800] to withstand.
  16 H935 [H8802] But he that cometh H6213 [H8799] against him shall do H7522 according to his own will, H5975 [H8802] and none shall stand H6440 at the face of H5975 [H8799] him: and he shall stand H6643 in the splendrous H776 land, H3027 which by his hand H3617 shall be consumed.
  17 H7760 [H8799] He shall also set H6440 his face H935 [H8800] to enter H8633 with the strength H4438 of his whole kingdom, H3477 and upright ones H6213 [H8804] with him; thus shall he do: H5414 [H8799] and he shall give H1323 him the daughter H802 of women, H7843 [H8687] decaying H5975 [H8799] her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him.
  18 H7760 H7725 [H8799] After this shall he turn H6440 his face H339 to the isles, H3920 [H8804] and shall take H7227 many: H7101 but a prince H2781 for his own behalf shall cause the reproach H7673 [H8689] offered by him to cease; H1115 without H2781 his own reproach H7725 [H8686] he shall cause it to turn upon him.
  19 H7725 [H8686] Then he shall turn H6440 his face H4581 toward the fortresses H776 of his own land: H3782 [H8738] but he shall stumble H5307 [H8804] and fall, H4672 [H8735] and not be found.
  20 H5975 [H8804] Then shall stand up H3653 in his estate H5674 [H8688] a raiser H5065 [H8802] of taxes H1925 in the honour H4438 of the kingdom: H259 but within few H3117 days H7665 [H8735] he shall be broken, H639 neither in anger, H4421 nor in battle.
  21 H3653 And in his estate H5975 [H8804] shall stand up H959 [H8737] a vile person, H5414 [H8804] to whom they shall not give H1935 the honour H4438 of the kingdom: H935 [H8804] but he shall come H7962 in peaceably, H2388 [H8689] and obtain H4438 the kingdom H2519 by flatteries.
  22 H2220 And with the arms H7858 of a flood H7857 [H8735] shall they be overflowed H6440 from the face of H7665 [H8735] him, and shall be broken; H5057 yea, also the prince H1285 of the covenant.
  23 H2266 [H8692] And after the league H6213 [H8799] made with him he shall work H4820 deceitfully: H5927 [H8804] for he shall come up, H6105 [H8804] and shall become strong H4592 with a small H1471 nation.
  24 H935 [H8799] He shall enter H7962 peaceably H4924 even upon the best places H4082 of the province; H6213 [H8804] and he shall do H1 that which his fathers H6213 [H8804] have not done, H1 nor his fathers' H1 fathers; H967 [H8799] he shall scatter H961 among them the prey, H7998 and spoil, H7399 and riches: H2803 H4284 [H8762] yea, and he shall plot H4013 against the strong holds, H6256 even for a time.
  25 H5782 [H8686] And he shall stir up H3581 his power H3824 and his heart H4428 against the king H5045 of the south H1419 with a great H2428 army; H4428 and the king H5045 of the south H1624 [H8691] shall be stirred up H4421 to battle H3966 with a very H1419 great H6099 and mighty H2428 army; H5975 [H8799] but he shall not stand: H2803 H4284 [H8799] for they shall plot against him.
  26 H398 [H8802] Yea, they that feed H6598 of the portion of his food H7665 [H8799] shall brake H2428 him, and his army H7857 [H8799] shall overflow: H7227 and many H5307 [H8804] shall fall H2491 down slain.
  27 H8147 And both H4428 these kings' H3824 hearts H4827 H7451 [H8688] shall be to do evil, H1696 [H8762] and they shall speak H3577 lies H259 at one H7979 table; H6743 [H8799] but it shall not prosper: H7093 for yet the end H4150 shall be at the time appointed.
  28 H7725 [H8804] Then shall he return H776 into his land H1419 with great H7399 riches; H3824 and his heart H6944 shall be against the holy H1285 covenant; H6213 [H8804] and he shall do H7725 [H8799] exploits, and return H776 to his own land.
  29 H4150 At the time appointed H7725 [H8799] he shall return, H935 [H8804] and come H5045 toward the south; H7223 but it shall not be as the former, H314 or as the latter.
  30 H6716 For the ships H3794 of Chittim H935 [H8804] shall come H3512 [H8738] against him: therefore he shall be grieved, H7725 [H8804] and return, H2194 [H8804] and foam at the mouth H6944 against the holy H1285 covenant: H6213 [H8804] so shall he do; H7725 [H8804] he shall even return, H995 [H8799] and have intelligence H5800 [H8802] with them that forsake H6944 the holy H1285 covenant.
  31 H2220 And forces H5975 [H8799] shall stand H2490 [H8765] on his part, and they shall pollute H4720 the sanctuary H4581 of strength, H5493 [H8689] and shall take away H8548 the daily H5414 [H8804] sacrifice, and they shall place H8251 the abomination H8074 [H8789] that maketh desolate.
  32 H7561 [H8688] And such as do wickedly H1285 against the covenant H2610 [H8686] shall he corrupt H2514 by flatteries: H5971 but the people H3045 [H8802] that know H430 their God H2388 [H8686] shall be strong, H6213 [H8804] and do exploits.
  33 H7919 [H8688] And they that understand H5971 among the people H995 [H8799] shall instruct H7227 many: H3782 [H8738] yet they shall fall H2719 by the sword, H3852 and by flame, H7628 by captivity, H961 and by spoil, H3117 many days.
  34 H3782 [H8736] Now when they shall fall, H5826 [H8735] they shall be helped H4592 with a little H5828 help: H7227 but many H3867 [H8738] shall join H2519 with them with flatteries.
  35 H7919 [H8688] And some of them of understanding H3782 [H8735] shall fall, H6884 [H8800] to refine H1305 [H8763] them, and to purge, H3835 [H8687] and to make them white, H6256 even to the time H7093 of the end: H4150 because it is yet for a time appointed.
  36 H4428 And the king H6213 [H8804] shall do H7522 according to his will; H7311 [H8709] and he shall exalt H1431 [H8691] himself, and magnify H410 himself above every god, H1696 [H8762] and shall speak H6381 [H8737] marvellous things H410 against the God H410 of gods, H6743 [H8689] and shall prosper H2195 till the frothing at the mouth H3615 [H8804] be accomplished: H2782 [H8737] for that which is determined H6213 [H8738] shall be done.
  37 H995 [H8799] Neither shall he regard H430 the God H1 of his fathers, H2532 nor the desire H802 of women, H995 [H8799] nor regard H433 any god: H1431 [H8691] for he shall magnify himself above all.
  38 H3653 But in his estate H3513 [H8762] shall he honour H433 the God H4581 of forces: H433 and a god H1 whom his fathers H3045 [H8804] knew H3513 [H8762] not shall he honour H2091 with gold, H3701 and silver, H3368 and with precious H68 stones, H2532 and pleasant things.
  39 H6213 [H8804] Thus shall he do H4581 in the strongest H4013 fortresses H5236 with a foreign H433 god, H5234 H5234 [H8686] whom he shall acknowledge H7235 [H8686] and increase H3519 with glory: H4910 [H8689] and he shall cause them to rule H7227 over many, H2505 [H8762] and shall divide H127 the soil H4242 for gain.
  40 H6256 And at the time H7093 of the end H4428 shall the king H5045 of the south H5055 [H8691] push H4428 at him: and the king H6828 of the north H8175 [H8691] shall come against him like a whirlwind, H7393 with chariots, H6571 and with horsemen, H7227 and with many H591 ships; H935 [H8804] and he shall enter H776 into the lands, H7857 [H8804] and shall overflow H5674 [H8804] and pass through.
  41 H935 [H8804] He shall enter H6643 also into the splendrous H776 land, H7227 and many H3782 [H8735] countries shall be overthrown: H4422 [H8735] but these shall escape H3027 out of his hand, H123 even Edom, H4124 and Moab, H7225 and the chief H1121 of the sons H5983 of Ammon.
  42 H7971 [H8799] He shall stretch forth H3027 his hand H776 also upon the lands: H776 and the land H4714 of Egypt H6413 shall not escape.
  43 H4910 [H8804] But he shall have power H4362 over the treasures H2091 of gold H3701 and of silver, H2532 and over all the precious H4714 things of Egypt: H3864 and the Libyans H3569 and the Cushites H4703 shall be at his steps.
  44 H8052 But tidings H4217 out of the east H6828 and out of the north H926 [H8762] shall trouble H3318 [H8804] him: therefore he shall go forth H1419 with great H2534 hot anger H8045 [H8687] to desolate, H2763 [H8687] and utterly to seclude H7227 many.
  45 H5193 [H8799] And he shall plant H168 the tents H643 of his pavilion H3220 between the seas H6643 in the splendrous H6944 holy H2022 mountain; H935 [H8804] yet he shall come H7093 to his end, H5826 [H8802] and none shall help him.

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