Ecclesiastes 6

ECB(i) 1 There is an evil I saw under the sun - abundant among humanity: 2 a man to whom Elohim gives riches, holdings and honor, so that, of all he desires, his soul wants naught; and Elohim gives him not dominance to eat; but a man - a stranger eats; this is vanity - an evil sickness. 3 If a man births a hundred and lives many years so that the days of his years be many and his soul satisfies not with good and also he has no tomb: I say, a miscarriage is better than he: 4 for he comes in vanity and goes in darkness - his name covered with darkness: 5 he neither sees the sun; nor knows aught: this rests more than that; 6 even though he lives a thousand years two times, yet sees no good! Go they not all to one place? 7 All the toil of humanity is for the mouth and yet the soul fills not. 8 For what more has the wise than the fool? what has the humble, who knows to walk in front of the living? 9 Better the visage of the eyes than the walking of the soul; this is also vanity and gnawing of spirit. 10 What became? its name is already called; and know that it is humanity: he is not able to plead his cause with him who is mightier than he. 11 Abounding words abound vanity! What more is to humanity? 12 For who knows what is good for humanity in life - the number of the days of his life of vanity which he works as a shadow? Who tells humanity what is after him under the sun?