Great(i) 1 Paul the presoner of Iesu christ and brother Timothe. Unto Philemon the beloued, and oure helper, 2 and to the beloued Appia, and to Aechippus oure felowe soudier and to the congregacyon that is of thy house. 3 Grace be vnto you and peace, from God oure father, & from the Lorde Iesus Christ. 4 I thanke my God, makynge mencyon all wayes of the in my prayers, 5 when I heare of thy loue & fayth, which thou hast to warde the Lorde. Iesu, and towarde all saynctes, 6 so that the fellishyppe of thy fayth is frutefull in the knowledge of euery good which is in, you towarde Iesus Christ. 7 For we haue great ioye and consolacyon in thy loue: because that by the (brother) the sayntes hertes are conforted. 8 Wherfore, though I myght be bold in Christ to commaunde the, that which was thy dewtye to do: 9 yet for loues sake I rather beseche the, though I be as I am, euen olde Paul, & nowe a presoner of Iesu Christ. 10 I beseche the for my sonne Onesimus whom I haue begotten in my bondes, 11 (which in tyme passed was to the vnprofitable but nowe proffitable both to the & to me) 12 whom I haue sent home agayne. Thou therfore receyue hym, that is to saye myne awne bowels, 13 whom I wolde fayne haue retayned with me, that in thy steade he myght haue minystred vnto me in the bondes of the Gospell. 14 Neuerthelesse, without thy mynde wolde I do nothinge, that the good whych thou doest, shulde not be as it were of necessite, but wyllyngly. 15 For happly he therfore departed for a season, that thou shuldest receaue hym for euer, 16 not nowe as a seruaunt: but aboue a seruaunt, euen a brother beloued, specially to me: but howe moche more vnto the, both in the flesshe, and also in the Lorde? 17 If thou count me therfore a felowe, receaue him as my selfe. 18 If he haue done the anye hurt, or oweth the ought, that laye to my charge. 19 (I Paul haue written it with myne awne hande) I wyll recompence it. So that I do not saye to the, howe that thou owest vnto me euen thyne awne selfe also. 20 Euen so brother, let me enioye the in the Lorde: Comforte my bowels in the Lorde. 21 Trustynge in thyne obedience, I wrote vnto the, knowynge, that thou wylt also do more then I saye. 22 Moreouer, prepare me lodginge for I trust that thorowe the helpe of youre prayers, I shalbe geuen vnto you. 23 Ther salute the, Epaphras my felowe presoner in Christ Iesu, 24 Marcus, Aristarcus, Demas, Lucas, my helpers. 25 The grace of oure Lorde Iesu Christ be with your sprete: Amen.