Sawyer(i) 1 (1:1) PAUL, a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Timothy the brother, to the beloved. Philemon and our fellow-laborer, 2 and to the beloved Apphia, and to Archippus our fellow-soldier, and to the assembly at your house. 3 Grace be to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 4 (1:2) I thank my God, always making mention of you in my prayers, 5 hearing of your love and faith which you have for the Lord Jesus and for all the saints, 6 that your participation of the faith may be made effectual by a knowledge of all the good which we have in Christ Jesus. 7 For I have great joy and comfort in your love, because the saints are refreshed by you, brother. 8 Wherefore, having great boldness to command you what is fit, 9 on account of love I rather request; being such as Paul the aged, and now also a prisoner of Christ Jesus, 10 I request you for my son Onesimus, whom I obtained in my bonds, 11 who was formerly not useful to you but is now most useful to you and me, 12 whom I have sent back. And do you receive him, that is, my soul, 13 whom I should like to retain for myself, that he might serve me for you in the bonds of the gospel, 14 but without your consent I will do nothing, that your service may not be compulsory but voluntary; 15 for perhaps he has been separated from you for a time that you may have him back forever, 16 no longer as a servant, but above a servant, a brother beloved, especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the flesh and in the Lord. 17 If therefore you regard me as a friend receive him as myself. 18 If he injured you, or owes you any thing, set it to my account. 19 I, Paul, have written with my hand; I will pay; not to tell you that you owe yourself to me. 20 Yes, brother, let me be profited by you in the Lord; refresh my soul in Christ. 21 (1:3) I have written to you, having confidence in your obedience, knowing that you will do even more than I say. 22 But at the same time also prepare me a lodging; for I hope that through your prayers I shall be given to you. 23 Epaphras, who is my fellow-captive in Christ Jesus, 24 Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, Luke, my co-laborers, salute you. 25 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.