1 G* Paul, G1198 a prisoner G5547 of Christ G* Jesus, G2532 and G* Timothy G3588 the G80 brother, G* to Philemon G3588 the G27 beloved, G2532 and G4904 our fellow-worker, G1473  
  2 G2532 and G* to Apphia G3588 the G27 beloved, G2532 and G* Archippus G3588   G4961 our fellow-soldier, G1473   G2532 and G3588 to the G2596 [2at G3624 3your house G1473   G1577 1assembly].
  3 G5484 Favor G1473 to you, G2532 and G1515 peace G575 from G2316 God G3962 our father G1473   G2532 and G2962 of the Lord G* Jesus G5547 Christ.
  4 G2168 I give thanks G3588 to G2316 my God, G1473   G3842 at all times G3417 [2mention G1473 3of you G4160 1making] G1909 at G3588   G4335 my prayers, G1473  
  5 G191 hearing G1473 [3of yours G3588 1the G26 2love], G2532 and G3588 the G4102 belief G3739 which G2192 you have G4314 towards G3588 the G2962 Lord G* Jesus, G2532 and G1519 to G3956 all G3588 the G39 holy ones,
  6 G3704 that G3588 the G2842 fellowship G3588 of the G4102 belief G1473 of yours G1756 [2active G1096 1should become] G1722 in G1922 full knowledge G3956 of every G2041 [2work G18 1good], G3588 of the one G1722 in G1473 you G1519 in G5547 Christ G* Jesus.
  7 G5484 [4gratitude G1063 1For G2192 2we have G4183 3much] G2532 and G3874 comfort G1909 over G3588   G26 your love, G1473   G3754 because G3588 the G4698 feelings of compassion G3588 of the G39 holy ones G373 have been rested G1223 through G1473 you, G80 O brother.
  8 G1352 Therefore, G4183 [2a great G1722 4in G5547 5Christ G3954 3openness G2192 1having], G2004 to give orders G1473 to you, G3588 the thing G433 related,
  9 G1223 [3through G3588 4the G26 5love G3123 2rather G3870 1I appeal], G5108 being such a one G1510.6   G5613 as G* Paul G4246 an old man, G3568 and now G1161   G2532 also G1198 a prisoner G* of Jesus G5547 Christ.
  10 G3870 I appeal to G1473 you G4012 concerning G3588   G1699 my G5043 child, G3739 whom G1080 I engendered G1722 in G3588   G1199 my bonds, G1473   G* Onesimus,
  11 G3588 the one G4218 at some time or other G1473 useless to you, G890   G3568 but now G1161   G1473 [2to you G2532 3and G1473 4to me G2173 1useful], G3739 whom G375 I sent back to you .
  12 G1473 But you G1161   G1473 ( [2for him G5123 1that is]) G3588 [2the things G1699 3concerning my G4698 4feelings of compassion G4355 1receive]!
  13 G3739 whom G1473 I G1014 wanted G4314 [2for G1683 3myself G2722 1to keep], G2443 that G5228 for G1473 you G1247 he should be serving G1473 to me G1722 in G3588 the G1199 bonds G3588 of the G2098 good news.
  14 G5565 But without the help G3588   G4674 of your G1106 opinion G3762 [3nothing G2309 1I wanted G4160 2to do]; G2443 that G3361 [4not G5613 6as G2596 7according to G318 8necessity G3588   G18 2good G1473 1your G1510.3 3should 5be], G235 but G2596 as G1595 voluntary.
  15 G5029 For perhaps G1063   G1223 on account of this G3778   G5563 he was separated G4314 for G5610 an hour, G2443 that G166 eternally G1473 you should receive him; G566  
  16 G3765 no longer G5613 as G1401 a bondman, G235 but G5228 above G1401 a bondman, G80 [2brother G27 1a beloved], G3122 especially G1473 to me, G4214 and how much G1161   G3123 more G1473 to you, G2532 both G1722 in G4561 flesh G2532 and G1722 in G2962 the Lord.
  17 G1487 If G3767 then G1473 you have me G2192   G2844 for a partner, G4355 receive him G1473   G5613 as G1473 me!
  18 G1487 And if G1161   G5100 in anything G91 he wronged G1473 you G2228 or G3784 owes, G3778 [2this G1473 3to me G1677 1charge]!
  19 G1473 I, G* Paul, G1125 write G3588 in G1699 my G5495 hand. G1473 I G661 will pay -- G2443 for G3361 I should not say G3004   G1473 to you G3754 that G2532 even G4572 yourself G1473 owes me besides. G4359  
  20 G3483 Yes, G80 O brother, G1473 [2I G1473 4you G3685 1may 3oblige] G1722 in G2962 the Lord; G373 rest G1473 my G3588   G4698 feelings of compassion G1722 in G2962 the Lord!
  21 G3982 Relying upon G3588   G5218 your obedience, G1473   G1125 I wrote G1473 to you, G1492 knowing G3754 that G2532 even G5228 above G3739 what G3004 I say G4160 you will do.
  22 G260 But at the same time G1161   G2532 also G2090 prepare G1473 for me G3578 a guest room! G1679 For I hope G1063   G3754 that G1223 through G3588   G4335 your prayers G1473   G5483 I shall be granted G1473 to you.
  23 G782 They greet G1473 you -- G* Epaphras, G3588   G4869 my fellow-captive G1473   G1722 in G5547 Christ G* Jesus;
  24 G* Mark, G* Aristarchus, G* Demas, G* Luke, G3588   G4904 my fellow workers. G1473  
  25 G3588 The G5484 favor G3588   G2962 of our Lord G1473   G* Jesus G5547 Christ G3326 be with G3588   G4151 your spirit. G1473   G281 Amen.