Wycliffe(i) 1 Poul, the boundun of Crist Jhesu, and Timothe, brother, to Filemon, bilouyd, and oure helpere, and to Appia, 2 most dere sister, and to Archip, oure euene kniyt, and to the chirche that is in thin hous, 3 grace be to you, and pees of God oure fader, and of the Lord Jhesu Crist. 4 I do thankingis to my God, euere more makinge mynde of thee in my preieris, 5 heringe thi charite and feith, that thou hast in the Lord Jhesu, and to alle hooli men, 6 that the comynyng of thi feith be maad opyn, in knowing of al good thing in Crist Jhesu. 7 And Y hadde greet ioye and coumfort in thi charite, for the entrailis of hooli men restiden bi thee, brother. 8 For which thing Y hauynge myche trist in Crist Jhesu, to comaunde to thee that that perteyneth to profit; 9 but Y biseche more for charite, sithen thou art siche as the elde Poul, and now the boundun of Jhesu Crist. 10 Y biseche thee for my sone Onesyme, whom Y in boondis bigat, 11 which sumtyme was vnprofitable to thee, but now profitable bothe to thee and to me; whom Y sente ayen to thee. 12 And resseyue thou hym as myn entrailis; 13 whom Y wolde withholde with me, that he schulde serue for thee to me in boondis of the gospel; 14 but with out thi counseil Y wolde not do ony thing, that thi good schulde not be as of nede, but wilful. 15 For perauenture therfor he departide fro thee for a tyme, that thou schuldist resseyue hym with outen ende; 16 now not as a seruaunt, but for a seruaunt a most dere brother, most to me; and how myche more to thee, bothe in fleisch and in the Lord? 17 Therfor if thou hast me a felowe, resseyue hym as me; for if he hath ony thing anoied thee, 18 ethir owith, arette thou this thing to me. 19 Y Poul wroot with myn hoond, Y schal yelde; that Y seie not to thee, that also thou owist to me thi silf. 20 So, brothir, Y schal vse thee in the Lord; fille thou myn entrails in Crist. 21 Y tristnynge of thin obedience wroot to thee, witynge that thou schalt do ouer that that Y seie. 22 Also make thou redi to me an hous to dwelle in; for Y hope that bi youre preyeris Y schal be youun to you. 23 Epafras, prisoner with me in Crist Jhesu, 24 greetith thee wel, and Mark, Aristark, Demas, Lucas, myn helperis. 25 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with youre spirit. Amen.