Great(i) 1 Blessed is the man that hath not walked in the councel of the vngodly, ner stonde in the waye of sinners, & hath not sytt in the seate of the scornefull. 2 But hys delyte is in the lawe of the Lorde: and in his lawe will he exercise him selfe daye & night. 3 And he shalbe lyke a tre planted by the watersyde, that wyll brynge forth hys frute in due season. His leafe also shall not wither: & loke whatsoeuer he doth, it shall prospere. 4 As for the vngodly, is it not so wt them: but they are lyke the chafe which the wynde scatered awaye. 5 Therfore, the vngodly shall nott be able to stande in the iudgment, nether the synners in the congregacion of the ryghtewes. 6 But the Lorde knoweth the waye of the ryghtewes, and the waye of the vngodly shall peryshe.