1 Chronicles

LXX2012(i) 1 Adam, Seth, Enos, 2 and Cainan, Maleleel, Jared, 3 Enoch, Mathusala, Lamech, 4 Noe: the sons of Noe, Sem, Cham, Japheth. 5 The sons of Japheth, Gamer, Magog, Madaim, Jovan, Helisa, Thobel, Mosoch, and Thiras. 6 And the sons of Gamer, Aschanaz, and Riphath, and Thorgama. 7 And the sons of Jovan, Helisa, and Tharsis, the Citians, and Rhodians. 8 And the sons of Cham, Chus, and Mesraim, Phud and Chanaan. 9 And the sons of Chus, Saba, and Evila, and Sabatha, and Regma, and Sebethaca: and the sons of Regma, Saba, and Dadan. 10 And Chus begot Nebrod: he began to be a mighty hunter on the earth. 17 The sons of Sem, Aelam, and Assur, 18 and Arphaxad, Sala, 25 Eber, Pheleg, Ragan, 26 Seruch, Nachor, Tharrha, 27 Abraam. 28 And the sons of Abraam, Isaac, and Ismael. 29 And these [are] their generations: the firstborn of Ismael, Nabaeoth, and Kedar, Nabdeel, Massam, 30 Masma, Iduma, Masse, Chondan, Thaeman, 31 Jettur, Naphes, Kedma: these [are] the sons of Ismael. 32 And the sons of Chettura Abraam's concubine:—and she bore him Zembram, Jexan, Madiam, Madam, Sobac, Soe: and the sons of Jexan; Daedan, and Sabai; 33 and the sons of Madiam; Gephar, and Opher, and Enoch, and Abida, and Eldada; all these [were] the sons of Chettura. 34 And Abraam begot Isaac: and the sons of Isaac [were] Jacob, and Esau. 35 The sons of Esau, Eliphaz, and Raguel, and Jeul, and Jeglom, and Core. 36 The sons of Eliphaz: Thaeman, and Omar, Sophar, and Gootham, and Kenez, and Thamna, and Amalec. 37 And the sons of Raguel, Naches, Zare, Some, and Moze. 38 The sons of Seir, Lotan, Sobal, Sebegon, Ana, Deson, Osar, and Disan. 39 And the sons of Lotan, Chorri, and Aeman; and the sister of Lotan [was] Thamna. 40 The sons of Sobal; Alon, Machanath, Taebel, Sophi, and Onan: and the sons of Sebegon; Aeth, and Sonan. 41 The sons of Sonan, Daeson: and the sons of Daeson; Emeron, and Asebon, and Jethram, and Charran. 42 And the sons of Hosar, Balaam, and Zucam, and Acan: the sons of Disan, Os, and Aran. 43 And these [are] their kings, Balac the son of Beor; and the name of his city [was] Dennaba. 44 And Balac died, and Jobab the son of Zara of Bosorrha reigned in his stead. 45 And Jobab died, and Asom of the land of the Thaemanites reigned in his stead. 46 And Asom died, and Adad the son of Barad reigned in his stead, who struck Madiam in the plain of Moab: and the name of his city [was] Gethaim. 47 And Adad died, and Sebla of Masecca reigned in his stead. 48 And Sebla died, and Saul of Rhoboth by the river reigned in his stead. 49 And Saul died, and Balaennor son of Achobor reigned in his stead. 50 And Balaennor died, and Adad son of Barad reigned in his stead; and the name of his city [was] Phogor. 51 The princes of Edom: prince Thamna, prince Golada, prince Jether, 52 prince Elibamas, prince Elas, prince Phinon, 53 prince Kenez, prince Thaeman, prince Babsar, prince Magediel, 54 prince Zaphoin. These [are] the princes of Edom.