1 Chronicles

Wycliffe(i) 1 Adam gendride Seth; Enos, 2 Chaynan, Malaleel, Jared, 3 Enoch, Matussale, Lameth; 4 Noe gendride Sem, Cham, and Japhet. 5 The sones of Japhat weren Gomer, Magog, Magdai, and Jauan, Tubal, Mosoch, and Tiras. 6 Forsothe the sones of Gomer weren Asceneth, and Riphat, and Thogorma. 7 Sotheli the sones of Jauan weren Helisa, and Tharsis, Cethym, and Dodanym. 8 The sones of Cham weren Chus, and Mesraym, Phuth, and Chanaan. 9 Sotheli the sones of Chus weren Saba, and Euila, Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabathaca. Forsothe the sones of Regma weren Saba, and Dadan. 10 Sotheli Chus gendride Nemroth; this Nemroth bigan to be myyti in erthe. 11 Forsothe Mesraym gendride Ludym, and Ananyn, and Labaym, 12 and Neptoym, and Phetrusym, and Casluym, of whiche the Philisteis and Capthureis yeden out. 13 Sotheli Chanaan gendride Sidon his first gendrid sone, 14 and Ethei, and Jebusei, and Ammorrei, and Gergesei, 15 and Euei, and Arachei, and Synei, 16 and Aradye, and Samathei, and Emathei. 17 The sones of Sem weren Elam, and Assur, and Arphaxat, and Luth, and Aram. Forsothe the sones of Aram weren Hus, and Hul, and Gothor, and Mosoch. 18 Forsothe Arphaxat gendride Sale; which hym silf gendride Heber. 19 Sotheli to Heber weren borun twei sones; name of oon was Phaleg, for the lond was departid in hise daies; and the name of his brother was Jectan. 20 Forsothe Jectan gendride Elmodad, and Salech, and Aselmod, 21 and Jare, and Adoram, and Vzal, 22 and Deda, Hebal, and Ameth, and Abymael, 23 and Saba, also and Ophir, and Euila, and Jobab; alle these weren the sones of Jectan. 24 Sem, Arphaxat, Sale, 25 Heber, Phalech, Ragau, 26 Seruth, Nachor, Thare, Abram; 27 forsothe this is Abraham. 28 The sones of Abraham weren Isaac and Ismael. 29 And these the generaciouns of hem; the firste gendrid of Ismael Nabioth, and Cedar, and Abdahel, and Mapsam, 30 and Masma, and Duma, and Massa, Adad, and Themar, Jahur, Naphis, Cedma; 31 these ben the sones of Ismael. 32 Forsothe the sones of Cethure, secoundarie wijf of Abraham, whiche sche gendride, weren Zamram, Jersan, Madan, Madian, Jelboe, Sue. Sotheli the sones of Jersan weren Saba, and Dadan. Forsothe the sones of Dadan weren Assurym, and Latusym, and Laomym. 33 Sotheli the sones of Madian weren Epha, Ethei, and Enoch, and Abdia, and Heldaa. Alle these weren the sones of Cethure. 34 Forsothe Abraham gendride Isaac; whose sones weren Esau and Israel. 35 The sones of Esau weren Eliphat, Rahuel, Semyaus, and Elam, and Chore. 36 The sones of Eliphath weren Theman, Omer, Sephi, Gethem, Genez, Cenez, Thanna, Amalech. 37 The sones of Rahuel weren Naab, Gazara, Samma, Masa. 38 The sones of Seir weren Lothan, Sobal, Sebeon, Ana, Dison, Eser, Disan. 39 The sones of Lothan weren Horry, Huma; sotheli the sistir of Lothan was Thanna. 40 The sones of Sobal weren Alian, and Manaath, and Ebal, and Sephi, and Onam. The sones of Sebeon weren Ana, and Anna. The sone of Ana was Dison. 41 The sones of Dison weren Amaram, and Hesabam, and Lecram, and Caram. 42 The sones of Eser weren Balaam, and Jaban, and Jesan. The sones of Disan weren Hus and Aram. 43 These ben the kyngis that regneden in the lond of Edom, bifor that a kyng was on the sones of Israel. Bale, the sone of Beor; and the name of his citee was Danaba. 44 Sotheli Bale was deed; and Jobab, sone of Zare of Basra, regnyde for hym. 45 And whanne Jobab was deed, Husam of the lond of Themayns regnede for hym. 46 And Husam diede; and Adad, sone of Badad, that smoot Madian in the lond of Moab, regnyde for hym; and the name of the citee of `hym, that is, of Adad, was Abyud. 47 And whanne Adad was deed, Semela of Maserecha, regnede for hym. 48 But also Semela was deed, and Saul of Robooth, which is set bisidis the ryuer, regnyde for hym. 49 Also whanne Saul was deed, Balanam, the sone of Achabor, regnyde for him. 50 But also he was deed, and Adad, the name of whos citee was Phou, regnede for hym; and his wijf was clepid Methesael, the douyter of Mathred, douyter of Mezaab. 51 Forsothe whanne Adad was deed, dukis bigunnen to be in Edom for kyngis; duyk Thanna, duyk Alia, duyk Jetheth, 52 duyk Olibama, duyk Ela, duyk Phynon, 53 duik Ceneth, duyk Theman, duyk Mabsar, 54 duyk Magdiel, duyk Iram. These weren the duykis of Edom.