1 Chronicles

  1 H121 Adam H8352 , Sheth H583 , Enosh,
  2 H7018 Kenan H4111 , Mahalaleel H3382 , Jered,
  3 H2585 Henoch H4968 , Methuselah H3929 , Lamech,
  4 H5146 Noah H8035 , Shem H2526 , Ham H3315 , and Japheth.
  5 H1121 The sons H3315 of Japheth H1586 ; Gomer H4031 , and Magog H4074 , and Madai H3120 , and Javan H8422 , and Tubal H4902 , and Meshech H8494 , and Tiras.
  6 H1121 And the sons H1586 of Gomer H813 ; Ashchenaz H7384 , and Riphath H8425 , and Togarmah.
  7 H1121 And the sons H3120 of Javan H473 ; Elishah H8659 , and Tarshish H3794 , Kittim H1721 , and Dodanim.
  8 H1121 The sons H2526 of Ham H3568 ; Cush H4714 , and Mizraim H6316 , Put H3667 , and Canaan.
  9 H1121 And the sons H3568 of Cush H5434 ; Seba H2341 , and Havilah H5454 , and Sabta H7484 , and Raamah H5455 , and Sabtecha H1121 . And the sons H7484 of Raamah H7614 ; Sheba H1719 , and Dedan.
  10 H3568 And Cush H3205 [H8804] begat H5248 Nimrod H2490 [H8689] : he began H1368 to be mighty H776 upon the earth.
  11 H4714 And Mizraim H3205 [H8804] begat H3866 Ludim H6047 , and Anamim H3853 , and Lehabim H5320 , and Naphtuhim,
  12 H6625 And Pathrusim H3695 , and Casluhim H3318 [H8804] , (of whom came H6430 the Philistines H3732 ,) and Caphthorim.
  13 H3667 And Canaan H3205 [H8804] begat H6721 Zidon H1060 his firstborn H2845 , and Heth,
  14 H2983 The Jebusite H567 also, and the Amorite H1622 , and the Girgashite,
  15 H2340 And the Hivite H6208 , and the Arkite H5513 , and the Sinite,
  16 H721 And the Arvadite H6786 , and the Zemarite H2577 , and the Hamathite.
  17 H1121 The sons H8035 of Shem H5867 ; Elam H804 , and Asshur H775 , and Arphaxad H3865 , and Lud H758 , and Aram H5780 , and Uz H2343 , and Hul H1666 , and Gether H4902 , and Meshech.
  18 H775 And Arphaxad H3205 [H8804] begat H7974 Shelah H7974 , and Shelah H3205 [H8804] begat H5677 Eber.
  19 H5677 And to Eber H3205 [H8795] were born H8147 two H1121 sons H8034 : the name H259 of the one H6389 was Peleg H3117 ; because in his days H776 the earth H6385 [H8738] was divided H251 : and his brother's H8034 name H3355 was Joktan.
  20 H3355 And Joktan H3205 [H8804] begat H486 Almodad H8026 , and Sheleph H2700 , and Hazarmaveth H3392 , and Jerah,
  21 H1913 Hadoram H187 also, and Uzal H1853 , and Diklah,
  22 H5858 And Ebal H39 , and Abimael H7614 , and Sheba,
  23 H211 And Ophir H2341 , and Havilah H3103 , and Jobab H1121 . All these were the sons H3355 of Joktan.
  24 H8035 Shem H775 , Arphaxad H7974 , Shelah,
  25 H5677 Eber H6389 , Peleg H7466 , Reu,
  26 H8286 Serug H5152 , Nahor H8646 , Terah,
  27 H87 Abram H85 ; the same is Abraham.
  28 H1121 The sons H85 of Abraham H3327 ; Isaac H3458 , and Ishmael.
  29 H8435 These are their generations H1060 : The firstborn H3458 of Ishmael H5032 , Nebaioth H6938 ; then Kedar H110 , and Adbeel H4017 , and Mibsam,
  30 H4927 Mishma H1746 , and Dumah H4854 , Massa H2301 , Hadad H8485 , and Tema,
  31 H3195 Jetur H5305 , Naphish H6929 , and Kedemah H1121 . These are the sons H3458 of Ishmael.
  32 H1121 Now the sons H6989 of Keturah H85 , Abraham's H6370 concubine H3205 [H8804] : she bore H2175 Zimran H3370 , and Jokshan H4091 , and Medan H4080 , and Midian H3435 , and Ishbak H7744 , and Shuah H1121 . And the sons H3370 of Jokshan H7614 ; Sheba H1719 , and Dedan.
  33 H1121 And the sons H4080 of Midian H5891 ; Ephah H6081 , and Epher H2585 , and Henoch H28 , and Abida H420 , and Eldaah H1121 . All these are the sons H6989 of Keturah.
  34 H85 And Abraham H3205 [H8686] begat H3327 Isaac H1121 . The sons H3327 of Isaac H6215 ; Esau H3478 and Israel.
  35 H1121 The sons H6215 of Esau H464 ; Eliphaz H7467 , Reuel H3266 , and Jeush H3281 , and Jaalam H7141 , and Korah.
  36 H1121 The sons H464 of Eliphaz H8487 ; Teman H201 , and Omar H6825 , Zephi H1609 , and Gatam H7073 , Kenaz H8555 , and Timna H6002 , and Amalek.
  37 H1121 The sons H7467 of Reuel H5184 ; Nahath H2226 , Zerah H8048 , Shammah H4199 , and Mizzah.
  38 H1121 And the sons H8165 of Seir H3877 ; Lotan H7732 , and Shobal H6649 , and Zibeon H6034 , and Anah H1787 , and Dishon H687 , and Ezer H1789 , and Dishan.
  39 H1121 And the sons H3877 of Lotan H2753 ; Hori H1950 , and Homam H8555 : and Timna H3877 was Lotan's H269 sister.
  40 H1121 The sons H7732 of Shobal H5935 ; Alian H4506 , and Manahath H5858 , and Ebal H8195 , Shephi H208 , and Onam H1121 . And the sons H6649 of Zibeon H345 ; Aiah H6034 , and Anah.
  41 H1121 The sons H6034 of Anah H1787 ; Dishon H1121 . And the sons H1787 of Dishon H2566 ; Amram H790 , and Eshban H3506 , and Ithran H3763 , and Cheran.
  42 H1121 The sons H687 of Ezer H1092 ; Bilhan H2190 , and Zavan H3292 , and Jakan H1121 . The sons H1789 of Dishan H5780 ; Uz H765 , and Aran.
  43 H4428 Now these are the kings H4427 [H8804] that reigned H776 in the land H123 of Edom H6440 before H4428 any king H4427 [H8800] reigned H1121 over the children H3478 of Israel H1106 ; Bela H1121 the son H1160 of Beor H8034 : and the name H5892 of his city H1838 was Dinhabah.
  44 H1106 And when Bela H4191 [H8799] was dead H3103 , Jobab H1121 the son H2226 of Zerah H1224 of Bozrah H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  45 H3103 And when Jobab H4191 [H8799] was dead H2367 , Husham H776 of the land H8489 of the Temanites H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  46 H2367 And when Husham H4191 [H8799] was dead H1908 , Hadad H1121 the son H911 of Bedad H5221 [H8688] , who smote H4080 Midian H7704 in the field H4124 of Moab H4427 [H8799] , reigned H8034 in his stead: and the name H5892 of his city H5762 was Avith.
  47 H1908 And when Hadad H4191 [H8799] was dead H8072 , Samlah H4957 of Masrekah H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  48 H8072 And when Samlah H4191 [H8799] was dead H7586 , Shaul H7344 of Rehoboth H5104 by the river H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  49 H7586 And when Shaul H4191 [H8799] was dead H1177 , Baalhanan H1121 the son H5907 of Achbor H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  50 H1177 And when Baalhanan H4191 [H8799] was dead H1908 , Hadad H4427 [H8799] reigned H8034 in his stead: and the name H5892 of his city H6464 was Pai H802 ; and his wife's H8034 name H4105 was Mehetabel H1323 , the daughter H4308 of Matred H1323 , the daughter H4314 of Mezahab.
  51 H1908 Hadad H4191 [H8799] died H441 also. And the chiefs H123 of Edom H441 were; chief H8555 Timnah H441 , chief H5933 Aliah H441 , chief H3509 Jetheth,
  52 H441 Chief H173 Aholibamah H441 , chief H425 Elah H441 , chief H6373 Pinon,
  53 H441 Chief H7073 Kenaz H441 , chief H8487 Teman H441 , chief H4014 Mibzar,
  54 H441 Chief H4025 Magdiel H441 , chief H5902 Iram H441 . These are the chiefs H123 of Edom.