1 Kings 11

  1 H4428 But king H8010 Solomon H157 [H8804] loved H7227 many H5237 foreign H802 women, H1323 in addition to the daughter H6547 of Pharaoh, H4125 women of the Moabites, H5984 Ammonites, H130 Edomites, H6722 Zidonians, H2850 and Hittites;
  2 H1471 Of the nations H3068 concerning which the LORD H559 [H8804] said H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel, H935 [H8799] Ye shall not go in H935 [H8799] to them, neither shall they come in H403 to you: for surely H5186 [H8686] they will turn away H3824 your heart H310 after H430 their gods: H8010 Solomon H1692 [H8804] held fast H157 [H8800] to these in love.
  3 H7651 And he had seven H3967 hundred H802 wives, H8282 princesses, H7969 and three H3967 hundred H6370 concubines: H802 and his wives H5186 [H8686] turned away H3820 his heart.
  4 H6256 For it came to pass, when H8010 Solomon H2209 was old, H802 that his wives H5186 [H8689] turned away H3824 his heart H310 after H312 other H430 gods: H3824 and his heart H8003 was not perfect H3068 with the LORD H430 his God, H3824 as was the heart H1732 of David H1 his father.
  5 H8010 For Solomon H3212 [H8799] went H310 after H6253 Ashtoreth H430 the goddess H6722 of the Zidonians, H310 and after H4445 Milcom H8251 the abomination H5984 of the Ammonites.
  6 H8010 And Solomon H6213 [H8799] did H7451 evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD, H4390 [H8765] and went not fully H310 after H3068 the LORD, H1732 as did David H1 his father.
  7 H8010 Then Solomon H1129 [H8799] built H1116 an high place H3645 for Chemosh, H8251 the abomination H4124 of Moab, H2022 in the mountain H6440 that is at the face of H3389 Jerusalem, H4432 and for Molech, H8251 the abomination H1121 of the sons H5983 of Ammon.
  8 H6213 [H8804] And likewise did H5237 he for all his foreign H802 wives, H6999 [H8688] who burnt incense H2076 [H8764] and sacrificed H430 to their gods.
  9 H3068 And the LORD H599 [H8691] was angry H8010 with Solomon, H3824 because his heart H5186 [H8804] was turned H3068 from the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel, H7200 [H8738] who had appeared H6471 to him twice,
  10 H6680 [H8765] And had commanded H1697 him concerning this thing, H3212 [H8800] that he should not go H310 after H312 other H430 gods: H8104 [H8804] but he kept H3068 not that which the LORD H6680 [H8765] commanded.
  11 H3068 Therefore the LORD H559 [H8799] said H8010 to Solomon, H8104 [H8804] Forasmuch as this is done by thee, and thou hast not kept H1285 my covenant H2708 and my statutes, H6680 [H8765] which I have commanded H7167 [H8800] thee, I will surely H7167 [H8799] rend H4467 the kingdom H5414 [H8804] away from thee, and will give H5650 it to thy servant.
  12 H3117 However in thy days H6213 [H8799] I will not do H1732 it for David H1 thy father's H7167 [H8799] sake: but I will rend H3027 it out of the hand H1121 of thy son.
  13 H7535 Yet H7167 [H8799] I will not rend away H4467 all the kingdom; H5414 [H8799] but will give H259 one H7626 tribe H1121 to thy son H1732 for David H5650 my servant's H3389 sake, and for Jerusalem's H977 [H8804] sake which I have chosen.
  14 H3068 And the LORD H6965 [H8686] stirred up H7854 an adversary H8010 to Solomon, H1908 Hadad H130 the Edomite: H4428 he was of the king's H2233 seed H123 in Edom.
  15 H1732 For it came to pass, when David H123 was in Edom, H3097 and Joab H8269 the captain H6635 of the host H5927 [H8800] had gone up H6912 [H8763] to bury H2491 the slain, H5221 [H8686] after he had smitten H2145 every male H123 in Edom;
  16 H8337 (For six H2320 months H3097 did Joab H3427 [H8804] remain H3478 there with all Israel, H3772 [H8689] until he had cut off H2145 every male H123 in Edom:)
  17 H111 That Hadad H1272 [H8799] fled, H582 he and certain H130 Edomites H1 of his father's H5650 servants H935 [H8800] with him, to go H4714 into Egypt; H1908 Hadad H6996 being yet a little H5288 child.
  18 H6965 [H8799] And they arose H4080 out of Midian, H935 [H8799] and came H6290 to Paran: H3947 [H8799] and they took H582 men H6290 with them from Paran, H935 [H8799] and they came H4714 to Egypt, H6547 to Pharaoh H4428 king H4714 of Egypt; H5414 [H8799] who gave H1004 him an house, H559 [H8804] and appointed H3899 him food, H5414 [H8804] and gave H776 him land.
  19 H1908 And Hadad H4672 [H8799] found H3966 great H2580 favour H5869 in the eyes H6547 of Pharaoh, H5414 [H8799] so that he gave H802 him for a wife H269 the sister H802 of his own wife, H269 the sister H8472 of Tahpenes H1377 the queen.
  20 H269 And the sister H8472 of Tahpenes H3205 [H8799] bore H1592 him Genubath H1121 his son, H8472 whom Tahpenes H1580 [H8799] weaned H8432 in H6547 Pharaoh's H1004 house: H1592 and Genubath H6547 was in Pharaoh's H1004 household H8432 among H1121 the sons H6547 of Pharaoh.
  21 H1908 And when Hadad H8085 [H8804] heard H4714 in Egypt H1732 that David H7901 [H8804] slept H1 with his fathers, H3097 and that Joab H8269 the captain H6635 of the host H4191 [H8804] was dead, H1908 Hadad H559 [H8799] said H6547 to Pharaoh, H7971 [H8761] Let me depart, H3212 [H8799] that I may go H776 to my own land.
  22 H6547 Then Pharaoh H559 [H8799] said H2638 to him, But what hast thou lacked H1245 [H8764] with me, that, behold, thou seekest H3212 [H8800] to go H776 to thy own land? H559 [H8799] And he answered, H7971 [H8763] Nothing: only H7971 [H8762] let me go.
  23 H430 And God H6965 [H8686] stirred him up H7854 another adversary, H7331 Rezon H1121 the son H450 of Eliadah, H1272 [H8804] who fled H113 from his lord H1909 Hadadezer H4428 king H6678 of Zobah:
  24 H6908 [H8799] And he gathered H582 men H8269 to him, and became captain H1416 over a band, H1732 when David H2026 [H8800] slew H3212 [H8799] them of Zobah: and they went H1834 to Damascus, H3427 [H8799] and dwelt H4427 [H8799] in it, and reigned H1834 in Damascus.
  25 H7854 And he was an adversary H3478 to Israel H3117 all the days H8010 of Solomon, H7451 besides the evil H1908 that Hadad H6973 [H8799] did: and he abhorred H3478 Israel, H4427 [H8799] and reigned H758 over Syria.
  26 H3379 And Jeroboam H1121 the son H5028 of Nebat, H673 an Ephrathite H6868 of Zereda, H8010 Solomon's H5650 servant, H517 whose mother's H8034 name H6871 was Zeruah, H490 a widow H802 woman, H7311 [H8686] even he raised H3027 his hand H4428 against the king.
  27 H1697 And this was the cause H7311 [H8689] why he raised H3027 his hand H4428 against the king: H8010 Solomon H1129 [H8804] built H4407 Millo, H5462 [H8804] and repaired H6556 the breaches H5892 of the city H1732 of David H1 his father.
  28 H376 And the man H3379 Jeroboam H1368 was a mighty man H2428 of valour: H8010 and Solomon H7200 [H8799] seeing H5288 the young man H6213 H4399 [H8802] that he was industrious, H6485 [H8686] he made him ruler H5447 over all the charge H1004 of the house H3130 of Joseph.
  29 H6256 And it came to pass at that time H3379 when Jeroboam H3318 [H8804] went out H3389 of Jerusalem, H5030 that the prophet H281 Ahijah H7888 the Shilonite H4672 [H8799] found H1870 him in the way; H3680 [H8693] and he had clad H2319 himself with a new H8008 garment; H8147 and they two H7704 were alone in the field:
  30 H281 And Ahijah H8610 [H8799] caught H2319 the new H8008 garment H7167 [H8799] that was on him, and tore H8147 H6240 it in twelve H7168 pieces:
  31 H559 [H8799] And he said H3379 to Jeroboam, H3947 [H8798] Take H6235 thee ten H7168 pieces: H559 [H8804] for thus saith H3068 the LORD, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H7167 [H8802] Behold, I will rend H4467 the kingdom H3027 from the hand H8010 of Solomon, H5414 [H8804] and will give H6235 ten H7626 tribes to thee:
  32 H259 (But he shall have one H7626 tribe H5650 for my servant H1732 David's H3389 sake, and for Jerusalem's H5892 sake, the city H977 [H8804] which I have chosen H7626 out of all the tribes H3478 of Israel:)
  33 H5800 [H8804] Because they have forsaken H7812 [H8691] me, and have worshipped H6253 Ashtoreth H430 the goddess H6722 of the Zidonians, H3645 Chemosh H430 the god H4124 of the Moabites, H4445 and Milcom H430 the god H1121 of the sons H5983 of Ammon, H1980 [H8804] and have not walked H1870 in my ways, H6213 [H8800] to do H3477 that which is right H5869 in my eyes, H2708 and to keep my statutes H4941 and my judgments, H1732 as did David H1 his father.
  34 H3947 [H8799] Yet I will not take H4467 the whole kingdom H3027 out of his hand: H7896 [H8799] but I will make H5387 him prince H3117 all the days H2416 of his life H1732 for David H5650 my servant's H977 [H8804] sake, whom I chose, H8104 [H8804] because he kept H4687 my commandments H2708 and my statutes:
  35 H3947 [H8804] But I will take H4410 the kingdom H1121 out of his son's H3027 hand, H5414 [H8804] and will give H6235 it to thee, even ten H7626 tribes.
  36 H1121 And to his son H5414 [H8799] will I give H259 one H7626 tribe, H1732 that David H5650 my servant H5216 may have a light H3117 always H6440 at the face of H3389 me in Jerusalem, H5892 the city H977 [H8804] which I have chosen H7760 [H8800] for me to put H8034 my name there.
  37 H3947 [H8799] And I will take H4427 [H8804] thee, and thou shalt reign H5315 according to all that thy breath H183 [H8762] desireth, H4428 and shalt be king H3478 over Israel.
  38 H8085 [H8799] And it shall be, if thou wilt hearken H6680 [H8762] to all that I command H1980 [H8804] thee, and wilt walk H1870 in my ways, H6213 [H8804] and do H3477 right H5869 in my eyes, H8104 [H8800] to keep H2708 my statutes H4687 and my commandments, H1732 as David H5650 my servant H6213 [H8804] did; H1129 [H8804] that I will be with thee, and build H539 [H8737] thee a sure H1004 house, H1129 [H8804] as I built H1732 for David, H5414 [H8804] and will give H3478 Israel to thee.
  39 H6031 [H8762] And I will for this afflict H2233 the seed H1732 of David, H3117 but not for ever.
  40 H8010 Solomon H1245 [H8762] sought H4191 [H8687] therefore to kill H3379 Jeroboam. H3379 And Jeroboam H6965 [H8799] arose, H1272 [H8799] and fled H4714 into Egypt, H7895 to Shishak H4428 king H4714 of Egypt, H4714 and was in Egypt H4194 until the death H8010 of Solomon.
  41 H3499 And the rest H1697 of the acts H8010 of Solomon, H6213 [H8804] and all that he did, H2451 and his wisdom, H3789 [H8803] are they not written H5612 in the book H1697 of the acts H8010 of Solomon?
  42 H3117 And the time H8010 that Solomon H4427 [H8804] reigned H3389 in Jerusalem H3478 over all Israel H705 was forty H8141 years.
  43 H8010 And Solomon H7901 [H8799] slept H1 with his fathers, H6912 [H8735] and was buried H5892 in the city H1732 of David H1 his father: H7346 and Rehoboam H1121 his son H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.