Genesis 26:18-21

  18 H3327 And Isaac H2658 digged H7725 again H875 the wells H4325 of water, H2658 which they had digged H3117 in the days H85 of Abraham H1 his father; H6430 for the Philistines H5640 had stopped H310 them after H4194 the death H85 of Abraham; H7121 and he called H8034 their names H8034 after the names H834 by which H1 his father H7121 had called them.
  19 H3327 And Isaac's H5650 servants H2658 digged H5158 in the valley, H4672 and found H875 there a well H2416 of springing H4325 water.
  20 H7462 And the herdsmen H1642 of Gerar H7378 strove H3327 with Isaac's H7462 herdsmen, H559 saying, H4325 The water H7121 is ours: and he called H8034 the name H875 of the well H6230 Esek, H6229 because they contended with him.
  21 H2658 And they digged H312 another H875 well, H7378 and they strove H7121 for that also: and he called H8034 the name of it H7856 Sitnah.