Great(i) 1 The heuy burthen, which the Lorde sheweth agaynste Israell, by Malachy. 2 I haue loued you, sayeth the Lorde: & yet ye saye wherin haste thou loued vs? Was not Esau Iacobs brother, sayeth the Lorde? yet haue I loued Iacob, 3 and hated Esau: yee, I haue made hys hylles wast and his heritage a wildernesse for dragons. 4 And though Edom sayde: well, we are destroyed, we wyll go buylde vp agayne the places that he wasted, yet (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) what they buylded, that brake I downe: so that it was called a cursed lande, and a people, whome the Lorde hath euer bene angrye withall. 5 Youre eyes haue sene it, and ye youre selues must confesse, that the Lorde hath brought the lande of Israel to great honoure. 6 Shulde not a sonne honoure his father, & a seruaunt his master? Yf I be now a father, where is myne honoure? Yf I be the Lord, where am I feared? sayeth the Lorde of hostes. Now to you prestes, that despyse my name. And yf ye saye: wherin haue we despised thy name? 7 In this, that ye offre vnclene bred vpon myne aulter. And yf ye wil saye: wherin haue we offered any vnclene thinge vnto the? In this that ye saye: the aulter of the Lorde is not to be regarded. 8 Yf ye offre the blynde, is not that euel? And yf ye offre the lame and sycke, is not that euell? Yee, offre it vnto thy prince, shal he be content with the, or accepte thy personne, sayeth the Lorde of hostes? 9 And now make youre prayer before God, that he maye haue mercy vpon vs: for soche thinges haue ye done. Shal he regard your personnes, thinke ye, saieth the Lorde of hostes? 10 Yee, what is he amonge you, that wyl do so moch as to shut the dores, or to kindle the fyre vpon myne aulter for naught? I haue no pleasure in you, sayeth the Lord of hostes: and as for the meatoffringe, I wyl not accepte it at youre hande. 11 For from the risyng vp of the sonne vnto the going downe of the same, my name is greate amonge the Gentiles: yee, in euery place shal there sacrifice be done, and clene meatoffring offred vp vnto my name: for my name is great amonge the Heathen, sayeth the Lorde of hostes. 12 But ye haue vnhalowed it, in that ye saye, the aulter of the Lorde is not to be regarded, and the thyng that is set thervpon not worthy to be eaten. 13 Now saye ye: It is but laboure and trauayle, and thus haue ye thought scorne at it (sayeth the Lorde of hoostes) offrynge robbery, yee, the lame and the sycke. Ye haue brought me in a meatofferyng, shulde I accepte it of your hande, sayeth the Lorde? 14 Cursed be the dissembler, which hath in his flocke one that is a male, and when he maketh a vowe, offereth a spotted one vnto the Lord. For I am a greate kynge (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) and my name is fearfull among the Heathen.