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Ezra 9:1 (Webster_Strongs)
  1 H3615 [H8763] Now when these things were done H8269 , the princes H5066 [H8738] came H559 [H8800] to me, saying H5971 , The people H3478 of Israel H3548 , and the priests H3881 , and the Levites H914 [H8738] , have not separated H5971 themselves from the people H776 of the lands H8441 , doing according to their abominations H3669 , even of the Canaanites H2850 , the Hittites H6522 , the Perizzites H2983 , the Jebusites H5984 , the Ammonites H4125 , the Moabites H4713 , the Egyptians H567 , and the Amorites.