Deuteronomy 4

  1 H8085 Now therefore hearken [H8798]   H3478 , O Israel H2706 , unto the statutes H4941 and unto the judgments H3925 , which I teach [H8764]   H6213 you, for to do [H8800]   H2421 them, that ye may live [H8799]   H935 , and go in [H8804]   H3423 and possess [H8804]   H776 the land H3068 which the LORD H430 God H1 of your fathers H5414 giveth [H8802]   you.
  2 H3254 Ye shall not add [H8686]   H1697 unto the word H6680 which I command [H8764]   H1639 you, neither shall ye diminish [H8799]   H8104 ought from it, that ye may keep [H8800]   H4687 the commandments H3068 of the LORD H430 your God H6680 which I command [H8764]   you.
  3 H5869 Your eyes H7200 have seen [H8802]   H3068 what the LORD H6213 did [H8804]   H1187 because of Baalpeor H376 : for all the men H310 that followed H1980   [H8804]   H1187 Baalpeor H3068 , the LORD H430 thy God H8045 hath destroyed [H8689]   H7130 them from among you.
  4 H1695 But ye that did cleave H3068 unto the LORD H430 your God H2416 are alive H3117 every one of you this day.
  5 H7200 Behold [H8798]   H3925 , I have taught [H8765]   H2706 you statutes H4941 and judgments H834 , even as H3068 the LORD H430 my God H6680 commanded [H8765]   H6213 me, that ye should do [H8800]   H7130 so in H776 the land H935 whither ye go [H8802]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   it.
  6 H8104 Keep [H8804]   H6213 therefore and do [H8804]   H2451 them; for this is your wisdom H998 and your understanding H5869 in the sight H5971 of the nations H8085 , which shall hear [H8799]   H2706 all these statutes H559 , and say [H8804]   H1419 , Surely this great H1471 nation H2450 is a wise H995 and understanding [H8737]   H5971 people.
  7 H1471 For what nation H1419 is there so great H430 , who hath God H7138 so nigh H3068 unto them, as the LORD H430 our God H7121 is in all things that we call [H8800]   upon him for ?
  8 H1471 And what nation H1419 is there so great H2706 , that hath statutes H4941 and judgments H6662 so righteous H8451 as all this law H5414 , which I set [H8802]   H6440 before H3117 you this day?
  9 H8104 Only take heed [H8734]   H8104 to thyself, and keep [H8798]   H5315 thy soul H3966 diligently H7911 , lest thou forget [H8799]   H1697 the things H5869 which thine eyes H7200 have seen [H8804]   H5493 , and lest they depart [H8799]   H3824 from thy heart H3117 all the days H2416 of thy life H3045 : but teach [H8689]   H1121 them thy sons H1121 , and thy sons H1121 ' sons;
  10 H3117 Specially the day H5975 that thou stoodest [H8804]   H6440 before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H2722 in Horeb H3068 , when the LORD H559 said [H8800]   H6950 unto me, Gather H5971 me the people H6950 together [H8685]   H8085 , and I will make them hear [H8686]   H1697 my words H3925 , that they may learn [H8799]   H3372 to fear [H8800]   H3117 me all the days H2416 that they shall live H127 upon the earth H3925 , and that they may teach [H8762]   H1121 their children.
  11 H7126 And ye came near [H8799]   H5975 and stood [H8799]   H2022 under the mountain H2022 ; and the mountain H1197 burned [H8802]   H784 with fire H3820 unto the midst H8064 of heaven H6205 , with darkness H6051 , clouds H2822 , and thick darkness.
  12 H3068 And the LORD H1696 spake [H8762]   H8432 unto you out of the midst H784 of the fire H8085 : ye heard [H8802]   H6963 the voice H1697 of the words H7200 , but saw [H8802]   H8544 no similitude H2108 ; only H6963 ye heard a voice.
  13 H5046 And he declared [H8686]   H1285 unto you his covenant H6680 , which he commanded [H8765]   H6213 you to perform [H8800]   H6235 , even ten H1697 commandments H3789 ; and he wrote [H8799]   H8147 them upon two H3871 tables H68 of stone.
  14 H3068 And the LORD H6680 commanded [H8765]   H6256 me at that time H3925 to teach [H8763]   H2706 you statutes H4941 and judgments H6213 , that ye might do [H8800]   H776 them in the land H5674 whither ye go over [H8802]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   it.
  15 H3966 Take ye therefore good H8104 heed [H8738]   H5315 unto yourselves H7200 ; for ye saw [H8804]   H8544 no manner of similitude H3117 on the day H3068 that the LORD H1696 spake [H8763]   H2722 unto you in Horeb H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire:
  16 H7843 Lest ye corrupt [H8686]   H6213 yourselves, and make [H8804]   H6459 you a graven image H8544 , the similitude H5566 of any figure H8403 , the likeness H2145 of male H5347 or female,
  17 H8403 The likeness H929 of any beast H776 that is on the earth H8403 , the likeness H3671 of any winged H6833 fowl H5774 that flieth [H8799]   H8064 in the air,
  18 H8403 The likeness H7430 of any thing that creepeth [H8802]   H127 on the ground H8403 , the likeness H1710 of any fish H4325 that is in the waters H8478 beneath H776 the earth:
  19 H5375 And lest thou lift up [H8799]   H5869 thine eyes H8064 unto heaven H7200 , and when thou seest [H8804]   H8121 the sun H3394 , and the moon H3556 , and the stars H6635 , even all the host H8064 of heaven H5080 , shouldest be driven [H8738]   H7812 to worship [H8694]   H5647 them, and serve [H8804]   H3068 them, which the LORD H430 thy God H2505 hath divided [H8804]   H5971 unto all nations H8064 under the whole heaven.
  20 H3068 But the LORD H3947 hath taken [H8804]   H3318 you, and brought you forth [H8686]   H1270 out of the iron H3564 furnace H4714 , even out of Egypt H5971 , to be unto him a people H5159 of inheritance H3117 , as ye are this day.
  21 H3068 Furthermore the LORD H599 was angry [H8694]   H1697 with me for your sakes H7650 , and sware [H8735]   H5674 that I should not go over [H8800]   H3383 Jordan H935 , and that I should not go [H8800]   H2896 in unto that good H776 land H3068 , which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 giveth [H8802]   H5159 thee for an inheritance:
  22 H4191 But I must die [H8801]   H776 in this land H5674 , I must not go over [H8802]   H3383 Jordan H5674 : but ye shall go over [H8802]   H3423 , and possess [H8804]   H2896 that good H776 land.
  23 H8104 Take heed [H8734]   H7911 unto yourselves, lest ye forget [H8799]   H1285 the covenant H3068 of the LORD H430 your God H3772 , which he made [H8804]   H6213 with you, and make [H8804]   H6459 you a graven image H8544 , or the likeness H3605 of any H3068 thing, which the LORD H430 thy God H6680 hath forbidden [H8765]   thee.
  24 H3068 For the LORD H430 thy God H398 is a consuming [H8802]   H784 fire H7067 , even a jealous H410 God.
  25 H3205 When thou shalt beget [H8686]   H1121 children H1121 , and children's H1121 children H3462 , and ye shall have remained long [H8738]   H776 in the land H7843 , and shall corrupt [H8689]   H6213 yourselves, and make [H8804]   H6459 a graven image H8544 , or the likeness H6213 of any thing, and shall do [H8804]   H7451 evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H3707 , to provoke him to anger [H8687]  :
  26 H5749 I call H8064 heaven H776 and earth H5749 to witness [H8689]   H3117 against you this day H4118 , that ye shall soon H6 utterly [H8800]   H6 perish [H8799]   H776 from off the land H5674 whereunto ye go over [H8802]   H3383 Jordan H3423 to possess [H8800]   H748 it; ye shall not prolong [H8686]   H3117 your days H8045 upon it, but shall utterly [H8736]   H8045 be destroyed [H8735]  .
  27 H3068 And the LORD H6327 shall scatter [H8689]   H5971 you among the nations H7604 , and ye shall be left [H8738]   H4962 few H4557 in number H1471 among the heathen H3068 , whither the LORD H5090 shall lead [H8762]   you.
  28 H5647 And there ye shall serve [H8804]   H430 gods H4639 , the work H120 of men's H3027 hands H6086 , wood H68 and stone H7200 , which neither see [H8799]   H8085 , nor hear [H8799]   H398 , nor eat [H8799]   H7306 , nor smell [H8686]  .
  29 H1245 But if from thence thou shalt seek [H8765]   H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H4672 , thou shalt find [H8804]   H1875 him, if thou seek [H8799]   H3824 him with all thy heart H5315 and with all thy soul.
  30 H6862 When thou art in tribulation H1697 , and all these things H4672 are come [H8804]   H319 upon thee, even in the latter H3117 days H7725 , if thou turn [H8804]   H3068 to the LORD H430 thy God H8085 , and shalt be obedient [H8804]   H6963 unto his voice;
  31 H3068 (For the LORD H430 thy God H7349 is a merciful H410 God H7503 ;) he will not forsake [H8686]   H7843 thee, neither destroy [H8686]   H7911 thee, nor forget [H8799]   H1285 the covenant H1 of thy fathers H7650 which he sware [H8738]   unto them.
  32 H7592 For ask [H8798]   H3117 now of the days H7223 that are past H1961 , which were [H8738]   H6440 before H3117 thee, since the day H430 that God H1254 created [H8804]   H120 man H776 upon the earth H7097 , and ask from the one side H8064 of heaven H1419 unto the other, whether there hath been any such thing as this great H1697 thing H8085 is, or hath been heard [H8738]   like it?
  33 H5971 Did ever people H8085 hear [H8804]   H6963 the voice H430 of God H1696 speaking out [H8764]   H8432 of the midst H784 of the fire H8085 , as thou hast heard [H8804]   H2421 , and live [H8799]  ?
  34 H430 Or hath God H5254 assayed [H8765]   H935 to go [H8800]   H3947 and take [H8800]   H1471 him a nation H7130 from the midst H1471 of another nation H4531 , by temptations H226 , by signs H4159 , and by wonders H4421 , and by war H2389 , and by a mighty H3027 hand H5186 , and by a stretched out [H8803]   H2220 arm H1419 , and by great H4172 terrors H3068 , according to all that the LORD H430 your God H6213 did [H8804]   H4714 for you in Egypt H5869 before your eyes?
  35 H7200 Unto thee it was shewed [H8717]   H3045 , that thou mightest know [H8800]   H3068 that the LORD H430 he is God H5750 ; there is none else H905 beside him.
  36 H8064 Out of heaven H8085 he made thee to hear [H8689]   H6963 his voice H3256 , that he might instruct [H8763]   H776 thee: and upon earth H7200 he shewed [H8689]   H1419 thee his great H784 fire H8085 ; and thou heardest [H8804]   H1697 his words H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire.
  37 H157 And because he loved [H8804]   H1 thy fathers H977 , therefore he chose [H8799]   H2233 their seed H310 after H3318 them, and brought thee out [H8686]   H6440 in his sight H1419 with his mighty H3581 power H4714 out of Egypt;
  38 H3423 To drive out [H8687]   H1471 nations H6440 from before H1419 thee greater H6099 and mightier H935 than thou art, to bring [H8687]   H5414 thee in, to give [H8800]   H776 thee their land H5159 for an inheritance H3117 , as it is this day.
  39 H3045 Know [H8804]   H3117 therefore this day H7725 , and consider [H8689]   H3824 it in thine heart H3068 , that the LORD H430 he is God H8064 in heaven H4605 above H776 , and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.
  40 H8104 Thou shalt keep [H8804]   H2706 therefore his statutes H4687 , and his commandments H6680 , which I command [H8764]   H3117 thee this day H3190 , that it may go well [H8799]   H1121 with thee, and with thy children H310 after H748 thee, and that thou mayest prolong [H8686]   H3117 thy days H127 upon the earth H3068 , which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 giveth [H8802]   thee, for ever.
  41 H4872 Then Moses H914 severed [H8686]   H7969 three H5892 cities H5676 on this side H3383 Jordan H8121 toward the sunrising H4217  ;
  42 H7523 That the slayer [H8802]   H5127 might flee [H8800]   H7523 thither, which should kill [H8799]   H7453 his neighbour H1097 unawares H1847   H8130 , and hated [H8802]   H8543 him not in times H8032 past H5127 ; and that fleeing [H8804]   H259 unto one H411 of these H5892 cities H2425 he might live [H8804]  :
  43 H1221 Namely, Bezer H4057 in the wilderness H4334 , in the plain H776 country H7206 , of the Reubenites H7216 ; and Ramoth H1568 in Gilead H1425 , of the Gadites H1474 ; and Golan H1316 in Bashan H4520 , of the Manassites.
  44 H8451 And this is the law H4872 which Moses H7760 set [H8804]   H6440 before H1121 the children H3478 of Israel:
  45 H5713 These are the testimonies H2706 , and the statutes H4941 , and the judgments H4872 , which Moses H1696 spake [H8765]   H1121 unto the children H3478 of Israel H3318 , after they came forth [H8800]   H4714 out of Egypt,
  46 H5676 On this side H3383 Jordan H1516 , in the valley H4136 over against H1047 Bethpeor H776 , in the land H5511 of Sihon H4428 king H567 of the Amorites H3427 , who dwelt [H8802]   H2809 at Heshbon H4872 , whom Moses H1121 and the children H3478 of Israel H5221 smote [H8689]   H3318 , after they were come forth [H8800]   H4714 out of Egypt:
  47 H3423 And they possessed [H8799]   H776 his land H776 , and the land H5747 of Og H4428 king H1316 of Bashan H8147 , two H4428 kings H567 of the Amorites H5676 , which were on this side H3383 Jordan H4217 toward the sunrising H8121  ;
  48 H6177 From Aroer H8193 , which is by the bank H5158 of the river H769 Arnon H2022 , even unto mount H7865 Sion H2768 , which is Hermon,
  49 H6160 And all the plain H5676 on this side H3383 Jordan H4217 eastward H3220 , even unto the sea H6160 of the plain H794 , under the springs H6449 of Pisgah.