Isaiah 1:31 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  31 H2634 And the strong H5296 shall be as tow H6467 , and the maker H5213 of it as a spark H8147 , and they shall both H1197 burn [H8804]   H3162 together H3518 , and none shall quench [H8764]   them .

Judges 15:14

  14 H935 And when he came [H8804]   H3896 unto Lehi H6430 , the Philistines H7321 shouted [H8689]   H7125 against [H8800]   H7307 him: and the Spirit H3068 of the LORD H6743 came mightily [H8799]   H5688 upon him, and the cords H2220 that were upon his arms H6593 became as flax H1197 that was burnt [H8804]   H784 with fire H612 , and his bands H4549 loosed [H8735]   H3027 from off his hands.

Isaiah 5:24

  24 H784 Therefore as the fire H398 devoureth [H8800]   H7179 the stubble H3956 , and the flame H3852   H7503 consumeth [H8799]   H2842 the chaff H8328 , so their root H4716 shall be as rottenness H6525 , and their blossom H5927 shall go up [H8799]   H80 as dust H3988 : because they have cast away [H8804]   H8451 the law H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H5006 , and despised [H8765]   H565 the word H6918 of the Holy One H3478 of Israel.

Isaiah 9:19

  19 H5678 Through the wrath H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H776 is the land H6272 darkened [H8738]   H5971 , and the people H3980 shall be as the fuel H784 of the fire H376 : no man H2550 shall spare [H8799]   H251 his brother.

Isaiah 26:11

  11 H3068 LORD H3027 , when thy hand H7311 is lifted up [H8804]   H2372 , they will not see [H8799]   H2372 : but they shall see [H8799]   H954 , and be ashamed [H8799]   H7068 for their envy H5971 at the people H784 ; yea, the fire H6862 of thine enemies H398 shall devour [H8799]   them.

Isaiah 27:4

  4 H2534 Fury H5414 is not in me: who would set [H8799]   H8068 the briers H7898 and thorns H4421 against me in battle H6585 ? I would go [H8799]   H6702 through them, I would burn [H8686]   H3162 them together.

Isaiah 33:14

  14 H2400 The sinners H6726 in Zion H6342 are afraid [H8804]   H7461 ; fearfulness H270 hath surprised [H8804]   H2611 the hypocrites H1481 . Who among us shall dwell [H8799]   H398 with the devouring [H8802]   H784 fire H1481 ? who among us shall dwell [H8799]   H5769 with everlasting H4168 burnings?

Isaiah 34:9-10

  9 H5158 And the streams H2015 thereof shall be turned [H8738]   H2203 into pitch H6083 , and the dust H1614 thereof into brimstone H776 , and the land H1197 thereof shall become burning [H8802]   H2203 pitch.
  10 H3518 It shall not be quenched [H8799]   H3915 night H3119 nor day H6227 ; the smoke H5927 thereof shall go up [H8799]   H5769 for ever H1755 : from generation H1755 to generation H2717 it shall lie waste [H8799]   H5674 ; none shall pass through [H8802]   H5331 it for ever H5331 and ever.

Isaiah 43:17

  17 H3318 Which bringeth forth [H8688]   H7393 the chariot H5483 and horse H2428 , the army H5808 and the power H7901 ; they shall lie down [H8799]   H3162 together H6965 , they shall not rise [H8799]   H1846 : they are extinct [H8804]   H3518 , they are quenched [H8804]   H6594 as tow.

Isaiah 50:11

  11 H6919 Behold, all ye that kindle [H8802]   H784 a fire H247 , that compass yourselves about [H8764]   H2131 with sparks H3212 : walk [H8798]   H217 in the light H784 of your fire H2131 , and in the sparks H1197 that ye have kindled [H8765]   H3027 . This shall ye have of mine hand H7901 ; ye shall lie down [H8799]   H4620 in sorrow.

Isaiah 66:24

  24 H3318 And they shall go forth [H8804]   H7200 , and look [H8804]   H6297 upon the carcases H582 of the men H6586 that have transgressed [H8802]   H8438 against me: for their worm H4191 shall not die [H8799]   H784 , neither shall their fire H3518 be quenched [H8799]   H1860 ; and they shall be an abhorring H1320 unto all flesh.

Ezekiel 20:47-48

  47 H559 And say [H8804]   H3293 to the forest H5045 of the south H8085 , Hear [H8798]   H1697 the word H3068 of the LORD H559 ; Thus saith [H8804]   H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H3341 ; Behold, I will kindle [H8688]   H784 a fire H398 in thee, and it shall devour [H8804]   H3892 every green H6086 tree H3002 in thee, and every dry H6086 tree H3852 : the flaming H7957 flame H3518 shall not be quenched [H8799]   H6440 , and all faces H5045 from the south H6828 to the north H6866 shall be burned [H8738]   therein.
  48 H1320 And all flesh H7200 shall see [H8804]   H3068 that I the LORD H1197 have kindled [H8765]   H3518 it: it shall not be quenched [H8799]  .

Ezekiel 32:21

  21 H410 The strong H1368 among the mighty H1696 shall speak [H8762]   H8432 to him out of the midst H7585 of hell H5826 with them that help [H8802]   H3381 him: they are gone down [H8804]   H7901 , they lie [H8804]   H6189 uncircumcised H2491 , slain H2719 by the sword.

Malachi 4:1

  1 H3117 For, behold, the day H935 cometh [H8802]   H1197 , that shall burn [H8802]   H8574 as an oven H2086 ; and all the proud H6213 , yea, and all that do [H8802]   H7564 wickedly H7179 , shall be stubble H3117 : and the day H935 that cometh [H8802]   H3857 shall burn them up [H8765]   H559 , saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H5800 , that it shall leave [H8799]   H8328 them neither root H6057 nor branch.

Matthew 3:10

  10 G1161 And G2235 now G2532 also G513 the axe G2749 is laid [G5736]   G4314 unto G4491 the root G1186 of the trees G3767 : therefore G3956 every G1186 tree G4160 which bringeth G3361 not G4160 forth [G5723]   G2570 good G2590 fruit G1581 is hewn down [G5743]   G2532 , and G906 cast [G5743]   G1519 into G4442 the fire.

Mark 9:43-49

  43 G2532 And G1437 if G4675 thy G5495 hand G4624 offend [G5725]   G4571 thee G609 , cut G846 it G609 off [G5657]   G2076 : it is [G5748]   G2570 better G4671 for thee G1525 to enter [G5629]   G1519 into G2222 life G2948 maimed G2228 , than G2192 having [G5723]   G1417 two G5495 hands G565 to go [G5629]   G1519 into G1067 hell G1519 , into G4442 the fire G762 that never shall be quenched:
  44 G3699 Where G846 their G4663 worm G5053 dieth [G5719]   G3756 not G2532 , and G4442 the fire G4570 is G3756 not G4570 quenched [G5743]  .
  45 G2532 And G1437 if G4675 thy G4228 foot G4624 offend [G5725]   G4571 thee G609 , cut G846 it G609 off [G5657]   G2076 : it is [G5748]   G2570 better G4671 for thee G1525 to enter [G5629]   G5560 halt G1519 into G2222 life G2228 , than G2192 having [G5723]   G1417 two G4228 feet G906 to be cast [G5683]   G1519 into G1067 hell G1519 , into G4442 the fire G762 that never shall be quenched:
  46 G3699 Where G846 their G4663 worm G5053 dieth [G5719]   G3756 not G2532 , and G4442 the fire G4570 is G3756 not G4570 quenched [G5743]  .
  47 G2532 And G1437 if G4675 thine G3788 eye G4624 offend [G5725]   G4571 thee G1544 , pluck G846 it G1544 out [G5628]   G2076 : it is [G5748]   G2570 better G4671 for thee G1525 to enter [G5629]   G1519 into G932 the kingdom G2316 of God G3442 with one eye G2228 , than G2192 having [G5723]   G1417 two G3788 eyes G906 to be cast [G5683]   G1519 into G1067 hell G4442 fire:
  48 G3699 Where G846 their G4663 worm G5053 dieth [G5719]   G3756 not G2532 , and G4442 the fire G4570 is G3756 not G4570 quenched [G5743]  .
  49 G1063 For G3956 every one G233 shall be salted [G5701]   G4442 with fire G2532 , and G3956 every G2378 sacrifice G233 shall be salted [G5701]   G251 with salt.

Revelation 6:14-17

  14 G2532 And G3772 the heaven G673 departed [G5681]   G5613 as G975 a scroll G1507 when it is rolled together [G5746]   G2532 ; and G3956 every G3735 mountain G2532 and G3520 island G2795 were moved [G5681]   G1537 out of G846 their G5117 places.
  15 G2532 And G935 the kings G1093 of the earth G2532 , and G3175 the great men G2532 , and G4145 the rich men G2532 , and G5506 the chief captains G2532 , and G1415 the mighty men G2532 , and G3956 every G1401 bondman G2532 , and G3956 every G1658 free man G2928 , hid [G5656]   G1438 themselves G1519 in G4693 the dens G2532 and G1519 in G4073 the rocks G3735 of the mountains;
  16 G2532 And G3004 said [G5719]   G3735 to the mountains G2532 and G4073 rocks G4098 , Fall [G5628]   G1909 on G2248 us G2532 , and G2928 hide [G5657]   G2248 us G575 from G4383 the face G2521 of him that sitteth [G5740]   G1909 on G2362 the throne G2532 , and G575 from G3709 the wrath G721 of the Lamb:
  17 G3754 For G3173 the great G2250 day G846 of his G3709 wrath G2064 is come [G5627]   G2532 ; and G5101 who G1410 shall be able [G5736]   G2476 to stand [G5683]  ?

Revelation 14:10-11

  10 G846 The same G2532   G4095 shall drink [G5695]   G1537 of G3631 the wine G2372 of the wrath G2316 of God G3588 , which G2767 is poured out [G5772]   G194 without mixture G1722 into G4221 the cup G846 of his G3709 indignation G2532 ; and G928 he shall be tormented [G5701]   G1722 with G4442 fire G2532 and G2303 brimstone G1799 in the presence G40 of the holy G32 angels G2532 , and G1799 in the presence G721 of the Lamb:
  11 G2532 And G2586 the smoke G846 of their G929 torment G305 ascendeth up [G5719]   G1519 for G165 ever G165 and ever G2532 : and G2192 they have [G5719]   G3756 no G372 rest G2250 day G2532 nor G3571 night G3588 , who G4352 worship [G5723]   G2342 the beast G2532 and G846 his G1504 image G2532 , and G1536 whosoever G2983 receiveth [G5719]   G5480 the mark G846 of his G3686 name.

Revelation 19:20

  20 G2532 And G2342 the beast G4084 was taken [G5681]   G2532 , and G3326 with G5127 him G5578 the false prophet G4160 that wrought [G5660]   G4592 miracles G1799 before G846 him G1722 , with G3739 which G4105 he deceived [G5656]   G2983 them that had received [G5631]   G5480 the mark G2342 of the beast G2532 , and G4352 them that worshipped [G5723]   G846 his G1504 image G1417 . These both G906 were cast [G5681]   G2198 alive [G5723]   G1519 into G3041 a lake G4442 of fire G2545 burning [G5746]   G1722 with G2303 brimstone.

Revelation 20:10

  10 G2532 And G1228 the devil G4105 that deceived [G5723]   G846 them G906 was cast [G5681]   G1519 into G3041 the lake G4442 of fire G2532 and G2303 brimstone G3699 , where G2342 the beast G2532 and G5578 the false prophet G2532 are, and G928 shall be tormented [G5701]   G2250 day G2532 and G3571 night G1519 for G165 ever G165 and ever.

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