1 Chronicles 27:26-31

Coverdale(i) 26 Ouer the hu?bandmen to tyll the londe was Esri the sonne of Chelab. 27 Ouer the vynyardes was Simei the Ramathite. Ouer the wyne Cellers and treasures of wyne was Sabdi the Siphimite. 28 Ouer the oyle gardens and Molberytrees in the lowe feldes, was Baal Hanan the Gaderite. Ouer the treasure of the oyle was Ioas. 29 Ouer ye oxen of the pasture at Saron was Sitari the Saronite. Ouer the oxen in the valleys was Saphath the sonne of Adlai. 30 Ouer the Camels was Obil the Ismaelite. Ouer the asses was Iehethia the Meronothite. 31 Ouer the shepe was Iasis the Hagarite. All these were rulers ouer kynge Dauids goodes.