1 H310 Now it happened after H4194 the death H4872 of Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Yahweh, H3068 that Yahweh H559 spoke H3091 to Joshua H1121 the son H5126 of Nun, H4872 Moses' H8334 servant, H559 saying,
  2 H4872 "Moses H5650 my servant H4191 is dead; H6965 now therefore arise, H5674 go over H3383 this Jordan, H5971 you, and all this people, H776 to the land H5414 which I give H1121 to them, even to the children H3478 of Israel.
  3 H5414 I have given H4725 you every place H3709 that the sole H7272 of your foot H1869 will tread on, H1696 as I told H4872 Moses.
  4 H4057 From the wilderness, H3844 and this Lebanon, H1419 even to the great H5104 river, H5104 the river H6578 Euphrates, H776 all the land H2850 of the Hittites, H1419 and to the great H3220 sea H3996 toward the going down H8121 of the sun, H1366 shall be your border.
  5 H376 No man H3320 will be able to stand H6440 before H3117 you all the days H2416 of your life. H4872 As I was with Moses, H7503 so I will be with you. I will not fail H5800 you nor forsake you.
  6 H2388 "Be strong H553 and courageous; H5971 for you shall cause this people H5157 to inherit H776 the land H7650 which I swore H1 to their fathers H5414 to give them.
  7 H2388 Only be strong H3966 and very H553 courageous, H8104 to observe H6213 to do H8451 according to all the law, H4872 which Moses H5650 my servant H6680 commanded H5493 you. Don't turn H3225 from it to the right hand H8040 or to the left, H7919 that you may have good success H3212 wherever you go.
  8 H5612 This book H8451 of the law H4185 shall not depart H6310 out of your mouth, H1897 but you shall meditate H3119 on it day H3915 and night, H8104 that you may observe H6213 to do H3789 according to all that is written H6743 therein: for then you shall make H1870 your way H6743 prosperous, H7919 and then you shall have good success.
  9 H6680 Haven't I commanded H2388 you? Be strong H553 and courageous. H6206 Don't be afraid, H2865 neither be dismayed: H3068 for Yahweh H430 your God H3212 is with you wherever you go."
  10 H3091 Then Joshua H6680 commanded H7860 the officers H5971 of the people, H559 saying,
  11 H5674 "Pass H7130 through H4264 the midst of the camp, H6680 and command H5971 the people, H559 saying, H3559 ‘Prepare H6720 food; H7969 for within three H3117 days H5674 you are to pass over H3383 this Jordan, H935 to go in H3423 to possess H776 the land, H3068 which Yahweh H430 your God H5414 gives H3423 you to possess it.'"
  12 H3091 Joshua H559 spoke H7206 to the Reubenites, H1425 and to the Gadites, H2677 and to the half - H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh, H559 saying,
  13 H2142 "Remember H1697 the word H4872 which Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Yahweh H6680 commanded H559 you, saying, H3068 ‘Yahweh H430 your God H5117 gives you rest, H5414 and will give H776 you this land.
  14 H802 Your wives, H2945 your little ones, H4735 and your livestock, H3427 shall live H776 in the land H4872 which Moses H5414 gave H5676 you beyond H3383 the Jordan; H5674 but you shall pass H6440 over before H251 your brothers H2571 armed, H1368 all the mighty H2428 men of valor, H5826 and shall help them
  15 H3068 until Yahweh H5117 has given H251 your brothers H5117 rest, H5117 as he has given H3423 you, and they have also possessed H776 the land H3068 which Yahweh H430 your God H5414 gives H7725 them. Then you shall return H776 to the land H3425 of your possession, H4872 and possess it, which Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Yahweh H5414 gave H5676 you beyond H3383 the Jordan H4217 toward the sunrise.'"
  16 H6030 They answered H3091 Joshua, H559 saying, H6680 "All that you have commanded H6213 us we will do, H834 and wherever H7971 you send H3212 us we will go.
  17 H8085 Just as we listened H4872 to Moses H8085 in all things, so will we listen H3068 to you. Only may Yahweh H430 your God H4872 be with you, as he was with Moses.
  18 H376 Whoever H4784 rebels H6310 against your commandment, H8085 and doesn't listen H1697 to your words H6680 in all that you command H4191 him, he shall be put to death. H2388 Only be strong H553 and courageous."